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Große Oper in 2 bis 5 Akten



Christian Friedrich Grabbe
1801 - 1836


Stefan Olof Lundgren
Op.29 (2001)

Listen to the Sibelius Virtual Orchestra directed by Norbert Burgmüller






In the old Icelandic Edda manuscripts you can read about gods, giants and trolls. In their world nothing is impossible. The old Norse mythology of Odin, Thor, Idun, Freya, Aegir, Loki and many others is narrated in electronic sounds by Stefan Olof Lundgren.
Translation by Margaret Hiley.



The complete "Winter" of The Lute Calendar is online

70 minutes of music, tablature and lots of "eye candy".

The Lute Calendar is organized in four books: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. On every day of the year a new lute piece awaits you, carefully chosen so the pieces become gradually more difficult – the lute year begins on December 1st with the easiest piece – carefully „made easie“ and beautifully printed in easy-to-read French tablature.

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Henrike Broese Lundgren

five short videos of her paintings and lots of lutemusic! All to be seen and heard on You Tube as well as DVD

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John Dowland "Seven Songs and A Galliard"

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The music to the video "Seven Songs and a Galliard"

Newly Set for Theorbo and Lute

by Stefan Olof Lundgren


Table of Contents

DAWN — Op. 35 / Come / Teares / Unkind / Ladies / Sleepe

DARKNESS — Op. 36 / Darkness / Hellish Jarring Sounds

DUOS — Op. 37 / My Lord Chamberlaine, His Galliard / Weepe


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Stefan, Jürg and Thomas plays Dowland in Kackelstugan on Öland, Sweden, in 2004

Second editon now published!

Twenty-one pieces by John Dowland

arranged for lute trio (GGD)
with two easy extra parts (GG) to be added ad lib.

by Stewart McCoy


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J.S. Bach: Six Cello Suites / Lautenbüchlein I and II / New Method for the Renaissance Lute

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