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Stefan Lundgren
Stefan Olof Lundgren

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The First Fifty Years 1949 - 1999

Chronological Biography

1949: Born in Högsby, Sweden.

1964: First guitar studies.

1972-74: Music studies at the city music school in Oskarshamn, Sweden.

1974-77: Studies concentrated in music history and research at the University of Lund.

1975: Began intensive studies of the lute and its music.

1975-76: Participant in lute master classes in Belgium and England.

1977-79: Studies at the "Schola Cantorum Basiliensis", Basel, Switzerland, with Eugene Dombois and Hopkinson Smith.

1979-2007: Resident of Munich, Germany. Professionally active there as composer, lutenist and pedagogue. Editor and author of numerous editions of lute music and instructional works.

Since 1980: Given numerous lute courses in Zillertal, Austria, Landshut and Alteglofsheim, Germany and Öland, Sweden, offering instruction in lute solo, ensemble, and guest artist performances.

2007: Moved to the Swedish island of Öland in the Baltic Sea. Music DVD Video production begins. "Troll Eyes" in 2008 and "Der Lautenthaler" in 2009.


Stefan Lundgren

Selected Publications

1983: 50 Lute Duos from the English Renaissance.

1984: J.S. Bach: Complete Works for Lute.

1986: New Method for the Renaissance Lute.

1993: The Baroque Lute Companion (252 heretofore unpublished lute works).

1997: Children's Games (Kinderspiel).

2005: The Lute Calendar (A new lute piece for every day of the year).

Stefan Lundgren

Selected Compositions

1989: Six Capriccios for Solo Lute, Op. 4.

1990: The Solitary Way, eight songs for voice, gamba and theorbo, Op. 7.

1993: Ölandssuite for Theorbo, Op.11.

1992/93: 24 Etudes for Solo Lute, Op. 12.

1994: Toccata for Two Lutes, Op. 14.

1996: 12 Etudes for Solo Lute, Op. 19.

1996/2000: Preludes 1-24 for Solo Lute, Op. 20.

1999: Siebenschläfer, Opera for children, Op. 25.

2000: Albus, Opera to the memory of Silvius Leopold Weiss, Op. 26.

2001: Der Cid, Opera, Op.29.




1997: Eisenhand

2002: Alvaret

2005: Albus: Life recording

2006: The Lute Calendar, Winter

DVD Audio

2003/04: Gudasaga

DVD Video Music Film

2008: "Trollögon" with Melanie Poser.

2009: "Der Lautenthaler" A tribute to John Dowland. With Melanie Poser.

2010: "Seven Dances for the Moon" With Melanie Poser

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